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Information analytics used to be called ‘data mining' in many circles. Although the term itself has almost been lost in the mists of the last bewildering decade or so of Big Data, we used to think of analytics as a far more static entity when we compare it to modern notions of data exploration. As we have built up our contemporary post-millennial methodologies for data analytics, we have brought forward real time interactive analytics practices to the fore. Real time speed Although so-called ‘real time' is never really real (i.e., it is only as fast as computer processing and information communications pipes will travel), it is fast enough to give us the opportunity to act upon data as it is created, in situ. In areas such as retail (to pick a very good example, although there are many others), real time interactive analytics gives us a chance to act upon data as i... (more)

Data Is Up, Data Is Down, Data Is on the Move

Data is going up and data is going down. Its endless upward spiral to the cloud is being lauded as the platform and paradigm that we must now adhere to for future IT efficiency. At the same time, data is going down. It is being processed and (crucially here) it is being ‘analyzed' at an in-memory level, where new speed efficiencies outstrip the power of disk-based alternative options. Data is on the move too of course. Mobile data (and most important of all, enterprise mobile data) is tracing a fast-paced location-aware fluid and functional vortex around us as the devices now ke... (more)

Email Is 40 Years Old, Is It Dead Yet?

This post is sponsored by The Business Value Exchange and HP Enterprise Services This history of email predates the modern form that we know on our desktops and mobile devices as it tracks its early origins back to the terminals and green screens of the 1960s. Sometime into the following decade we saw the first "electronic mail" message sent on ARPANET, one of the planet's first packet switching networks and the first breeding ground for the TCP/IP protocol that has helped us build the modern web as we know it. Then of course came email as we later came to understand the term a... (more)

App Development Is Dead, Long Live Continuous Application Development

Technologists will no doubt be working to refine the process of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for many millennia to come. Application ‘rudiments' from physical code through to more ‘elemental' features including performance, robustness and interoperability will be forever fine-tuned and managed as we seek to perfect our digital interactions with an increasing array of devices. We have a lot of software application management issues, what's my point? The issue here is that although we may refine ALM interminably, there is a current tide (if not quite a total sea change or... (more)

Decommissioning Legacy to Drive Real Clouds, in the Fast Lane

We can probably all agree that the cloud computing service-based model of application delivery has received more than its fair share of hype, over-embellished hyperbole and hyper-cross-talk in the last few years. Surely now then we have come to a new plateau in cloud, i.e., the time for real-world usage, implementation and deployment. What does the "real cloud" mean? The real cloud is located in a place where we start actually using the hosted virtualized environments that are available to us so that "working applications" move to the cloud. That would be working applications - a... (more)